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Halong Bay, Vietnam

The world heritage in Northeast Vietnam

Ha Long Bay, near Cat ba Vietnam

Ha Long Bay - Vietnam

Halong Bay is composed of 1969 large and small islands, most of them are limestone. The area crowded with strangely shaped islands and mountain caves famous in the world for magnificent landscape was recognised by Unesco as the World Heritage.

There are a lot of islands with different heights and sizes, placed in a zigzag shape, from faraway it looks like a dragon waggling it's tail in the sea. This is a hidden bay with an area of 1500 sq km including thousands of limestone mountains rising from the sea, most islands are named after the shapes they bear such as Toad, Elephant, Fighting cocks, Turtle...this inspires fantasy in visitors. 2 large islands Cat Ba and Tuan Chau are inhabited all time, many beautiful beaches surround the islands.

The limestone mountains in Halong Bay contain wonderful caves and grottoes such as Virgin cave, Amazing cave, Heavenly grotto...each is attached to a legend.

In the process of dissolving the sea, waves and tides have created lakes for Ha Long Bay with more than 10 thousand years such as Ba Ham Lake, is a combination of three lakes linked together, The Luon lagoon where the ceiling is 2m above the sea level. The magnificence of and history Halong Bay give scientists a passion to discover discover the mysteries of the area


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