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Dinh Vu port, Hai phong - Vietnam

The big port in north of Vietnam

Hai Phong - Vietnam, near Cat Ba island

Dinh Vu port - Hai Phong, Vietnam

With the decision of the Prime Minister of the Government of August 12, 2004 approving the detail plan for the Northern Sea Port cluster to 2010 and orientation to 2020, important strategic decisions were announced concerning the Hai Phong-Dinh Vu-Lach Huyen port system.

Further to the deepening of the access channel to the Hai Phong Port System, the full upgrading of the Hai Phong Port on the short term is decided. Further, on the medium term, the complete development of the Dinh Vu Port area is foreseen. Finally on the longer term basis, a new deep sea port will be developed along the new Lach Huyen access channel.
Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port will be developed to be the gateway port of the Northern Vietnam. This deep-sea port will be located on the access channel to Dinh Vu 20,000DWT general port. The Feasibility study is undertaken by the Transport Engineering Inc. The port will be built to serve vessels of up to 80,000 dwt and considered as a main port in North of Vietnam. This will be an incomparable advantage of Hai Phong City and DVIZ.

It is expected that the first phase port terminal of Lach Huyen shall be broke ground in 2012 with the construction of the bridge linking Dinh Vu Industrial Zone to the future port.


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