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Catba Vietnam - Whisper nature bungalow

The most of beautiful island in north of Vietnam

Haiphong city, near Halong bay Vietnam

Cat Ba - Whisper of nature bungalow & Resort in Viethai fishing village

We are seven single private bungalows, a large bungalow for groups of people to share and a triangular bungalow where a bar is located with food, drink and wine. Next to the bar is an open space with some tables for you to relax, drink amongst the trees and stones of the untouched natural setting, beside a very clean stream. A movable stage can be provided for music and song. All the red tile paths connecting the bungalows stand out from the green grass around about.

You can actually do some gardening if you wish, and “work for someone else’s harvest”: today you plant vegetables for tourist to come and of course, pick and eat with enjoyment what others have planted before, cooked and served to your liking by our staff. At night time, the sound of frogs will play nice rhythms to bring you a peaceful sleep. At any time the table on the terrace in front of your bungalow is there to have a drink or read comfortably. When morning comes, it will be a time of singing insects and birds welcoming you to a new, enjoyable day.


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